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Emotion Icons Set
Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage
Bramble Cheer by IridescentMirage
Bramble Vexed by IridescentMirage
Bramble Menace by IridescentMirage
Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage

A set of 5 icons displaying a range of emotions. Only original characters are permitted; Original characters based off of a copyrighted series (ex. Pokémon) are accepted. I will check for commissions during the weekends, and your commission will be completed as soon as possible after. In the past, commissions have been completed on the same weekend as they were ordered, but this may not be the case if multiple commissions are ordered within the same week. You can store the individual icons inside a folder in your Favorites and use the thumbs for RP and other things.

Default emotion set includes: neutral, joy, sorrow, anger, and love. Custom sets of emotions may be requested.

When commissioning, please add the following information:
-A clear reference of your chosen original character.
-*Optional; A detailed description of how your character would appear for each emotion.
-Specify whether you do or don't want a simple background.
-*Optional; What kind of simple background you would like.
-*Optional; Any questions you may have.

Expect me to send a message in return with questions, as I often do have them; This is so the order may turn out perfect for you, the customer~

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This is a compilation of commissions that I currently offer. You may ask about a commission that isn't shown, as I am very open to a variety of things and always eager to try something new. I may even add it so others can commission the same.

Animals, Pokemon, mythical creatures, and other types of animalistic characters are all accepted. Completed examples can be found here. Please remember that I retain all rights to decline a commission if I find it offensive. 30% of the cost is to be paid up front, and full payment is due after your commission has been completed.


Single 1000:points:, $10.00 paypal
Double, Group (base price) 1600:points:, $16.00 paypal
Triple 2400:points:, $24.00 paypal


Animated 500:points:, $5.00 paypal
Stationary Detailed 600:points:, $6.00 paypal


Simple 300:points:, $3.00 paypal
Detailed 550:points: $5.50 paypal

If interested, send me a Note with the following information (expect me to send one back with a confirmation and questions):
  1. The commission type that you wish to order
  2. The character(s) references
  3. A short description of what you would like
  4. Your choice of simple animation
  5. Any questions you may have


IridescentMirage has started a donation pool!
5,345 / 10,000

Points for completed commissions can be deposited here or in private. If you have the mind to, small gifts are also very much appreciated.

Thank You

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Pokemon ''Nuzlocke'' Meme

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 3:20 PM

One doesn’t have to go far to see that people are just as diverse as the species of Pokémon, and it can be difficult to appreciate such differences. This becomes even more apparent during a Nuzlocke challenge, where one must learn to work with the Pokémon they have as they can’t afford to leave any behind.


You and your friends have been transported to the Pokémon world. Not only that, but the lot of you have become Pokémon yourselves! Whispers of excitement and gaps horror resound as some discover they are not what they thought they would be…


Use to randomize you and nine of your friends. Be sure to do so twice: one for Part A, one for Part B! If you want to go the extra step, you can even randomly generate the species of Pokémon by type at


Want to do this meme with only a few friends? For example, say you wanted to do this with five: Just type the numbers 1-18 for Part A in the generator and take the top five types from the list and use them; Do the same with Part B.

1. The Bug-type carrot-cat17 that seeks to rectify past mistakes. Larvesta.

I always imagined you to be a fluffy Pokémon with a hard shell, so this fits beautifully.

2. The Psychic-type SnakeMouth that finds solace in silence. Slowpoke.

Dang, you'd be an energetic one for your species!

3. The Water-type IridescentMirage that is intimidating but thoughtful. Azumarill.

Huh. This is perfect. I bet I couldn't have done better if I hand picked it out.

4. The Dragon-type xFoxlanx with a bubbly personality. Altaria.

Okay, I had to laugh. This is you. Let's make it cannon.

5. The Flying-type Toramelle that cannot be tamed. Togekiss.

And I was so sure you were going to be a Swellow or Staraptor...

6. The Ghost-type Shinaruka with their head in the clouds. Misdreavus.

Hmm... Yeah, I can see this.

7. The Fairy-type TyraDragoness that cannot be swayed. Spritzee.

You? A Fairy? Wellll I suppose it works.

8. The Ground-type PandemoniumIllusion that wouldn’t hurt a fly. Nincada.

And when you evolve, there will be two of you. This is great.

9. The Grass-type CurlyHorsefreak with startlingly accurate intuition. Jumpluff.

I just hope you don't get blown away before you can share some insight!

10. The Normal-type TabbyTwist whose feet are set firmly on the earth. Azurill.

This cannot get any more perfect, if only for the fact that you're in the same evolution line as me. I expect nothing less of my left hand man.

Eager to do this with your own friends? Copy the intro above and fill out the information below. Have fun!


Part A

1. The Normal-type

2. The Grass-type

3. The Water-type

4. The Fire-type

5. The Electric-type

6. The Fighting-type

7. The Flying-type

8. The Poison-type

9. The Ground-type

10. The Rock-type

11. The Bug-type

12. The Ghost-type

13. The Psychic-type

14. The Dark-type

15. The Ice-type

16. The Steel-type

17. The Dragon-type

18. The Fairy-type



Part B

1. that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

2. that’s quiet and withdrawn.

3. with a bubbly personality.

4. with a raging temper.

5. that just can’t stand still.

6. with an unbreakable spirit.

7. with their head in the clouds.

8. whose words may hurt or heal.

9. whose feet are set firmly on the earth.

10. that cannot be swayed.

11. that is intimidating but thoughtful.

12. that seeks to rectify past mistakes.

13. with startlingly accurate intuition.

14. that finds solace in silence.

15. with a frozen heart.

16. with a heart of gold.

17. that cannot be tamed.

18. that is a force to be reckoned with.


:iconalunewolfyfemcanada: :icondemonzeez: :icontacosand1d: :iconthelilcreep: :icondatawesomebish: :iconseal-infinity-moon: :iconally-chan777: :iconflash753: :iconnovatrinity: :iconxxtakaalivexx: :iconshinaruka: :iconlakotafrench: :iconwolfvids: :iconkiwi-heart: :icontyradragoness: :iconcurlyhorsefreak: :iconsteamer1000: :iconchazzyjlt: :iconmischiefraven: :iconlttleghost: :iconsnakemouth: :iconlostshad3: :iconstressing: :icons-u-n-n-y-j: :iconkagome-94: :icondespairiana: :iconsquattymcsamuel: :iconsilentlynx17: :iconkazetatsu: :iconboots-n-spurs: :iconburntfur: :icontoramelle: :iconmistglaze: :iconmamena-hu: :iconcarrot-cat17: :icontabbytwist:

I am officially open for commissions! 

23 deviants said Yay! :iconfluttershysmileplz:
4 deviants said Neigh! :icontwilightnoplz:


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awjay Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Big Ramen Bounce v2 many thanks for the faving
theangeloflife25 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist
thanks on the fav
xFoxlanx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! So I have Rhyme at level 26 (I believe now) but I have someone asking me to do a breeding with them to get some halloweenish babies. I told them I owed you a clutch first and that I'd ask you so here I am! I figured I'd ask you because I do owe you and I didn't know if you would mind. Either way is completely fine with me though! 
IridescentMirage Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
In that case, how about we quick get our breeding done today to clear up your schedule? It's Friday so Rhyme can do another breeding the following Monday. A few days shouldn't make too much of a difference.
xFoxlanx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah sure that works too! I did want her first clutch to go to you anyhow. Anything I should know/do? I do have a DNA stone if you'd like to use it. 
IridescentMirage Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope~ Just sit there and look pretty. I'll send in the Note and handle the items.
(1 Reply)
xFoxlanx Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello friend! I just wanted to let you know Rhyme is level 15 now and as soon as I finish a pic I'm working on (I'm very sick right now) She'll be level 20! c: I don't know what level you want her to be when we do the breeding though so if you let me know I can try to put forth the levels needed!
IridescentMirage Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad to hear it! And it's not so much what level she is, but the combined levels of both of our Pokémon. With Rhyme at level 20 and Dawn at level 44, the BA of the clutch would be 13. That doesn't sound super impressive, so what do you think about aiming for a BA of 20? That would mean 35 more levels between the two of us, but I think it'd be worth it. c:
xFoxlanx Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmn it'll probably take me a while since I have trouble drawing some days and I'm sick now but I can try! I've been trying to look for people to commission to draw her to help me out but I spent my last 90 or so points commissioning sprites of some of my pokemon (I have a custom box on my page if you wanna see what I'm talking about!) so I'm currently broke. Once I get more points though I'll be doing that so that we can get there faster. c:
IridescentMirage Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That is an excellent idea you have there! And don't worry about the time taken as I will probably end up crunching levels on my end just so I can teach Dawn a few moves. It shouldn't be too long. c:
(1 Reply)
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