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Emotion Icons Set
Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage
Bramble Cheer by IridescentMirage
Bramble Vexed by IridescentMirage
Bramble Menace by IridescentMirage
Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage

A set of 5 icons displaying a range of emotions. Only original characters are permitted; Original characters based off of a copyrighted series (ex. Pokémon) are accepted. I will check for commissions during the weekends, and your commission will be completed as soon as possible after. In the past, commissions have been completed on the same weekend as they were ordered, but this may not be the case if multiple commissions are ordered within the same week. You can store the individual icons inside a folder in your Favorites and use the thumbs for RP and other things.

Default emotion set includes: neutral, joy, sorrow, anger, and love. Custom sets of emotions may be requested.

When commissioning, please add the following information:
-A clear reference of your chosen original character.
-*Optional; A detailed description of how your character would appear for each emotion.
-Specify whether you do or don't want a simple background.
-*Optional; What kind of simple background you would like.
-*Optional; Any questions you may have.

Expect me to send a message in return with questions, as I often do have them; This is so the order may turn out perfect for you, the customer~

Newest Deviations

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Commissions Open


This is a compilation of commissions that I currently offer. You may ask about a commission that isn't shown, as I am very open to a variety of things and always eager to try something new. I may even add it so others can commission the same.

Animals, Pokemon, mythical creatures, and other types of animalistic characters are all accepted. Completed examples can be found here. Please remember that I retain all rights to decline a commission if I find it offensive. 30% of the cost is to be paid up front, and full payment is due after your commission has been completed.


Single 1000:points:, $10.00 paypal
Double, Group (base price) 1600:points:, $16.00 paypal
Triple 2400:points:, $24.00 paypal


Animated 500:points:, $5.00 paypal
Stationary Detailed 600:points:, $6.00 paypal


Simple 300:points:, $3.00 paypal
Detailed 550:points: $5.50 paypal

If interested, send me a Note with the following information (expect me to send one back with a confirmation and questions):
  1. The commission type that you wish to order
  2. The character(s) references
  3. A short description of what you would like
  4. Your choice of simple animation
  5. Any questions you may have


IridescentMirage has started a donation pool!
4,345 / 10,000

Points for completed commissions can be deposited here or in private. If you have the mind to, small gifts are also very much appreciated.

Thank You

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Glory Brook

You must be burned by fire to know he’s there
You will be washed by water and feel he cares
You need to stand on earth so you will not fall
You have to listen to the wind to hear him call
And you lift into the sky, away from it all

Hiding in plain sight.

Current art programs
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011
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Earn a doctorate degree
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Hit a bad guy in the head with a carrot


Tagged... Twice

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 9:45 AM

I decided to actually partake in one of these for once, seeing how I was tagged for the same meme twice. I always make good on my word.




1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.

5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.

6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".

7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8) No tag-backs.

9) You can't say that you don't do tags. Under penalty of… what? What kind of rule is this?

10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!


Ten Facts About Myself


  1. I don’t like sitting in chairs if I can help it. I either stand or crouch to the ground and sit on the backs of my legs. I may curl up on a couch.

  2. I forget to cut my nails until they impair my ability to draw. It is common for me to accidentally cut myself and others with them. |D

  3. I never feel hungry. This is quite the dilemma seeing how I have to eat every few hours because I burn whatever I consume at a rapid pace, and without my stomach telling me so I tend to forget about it altogether.

  4. My internal temperature is lower than most. If I’m at average temperature, then I’m running a fever.

  5. I have two defaults expressions: content and blank. If I’m seen wearing anything other than that, then either I’m mocking someone or something big must be going down.

  6. I like taking a shower before going to bed. I find the running water to be very relaxing.

  7. It doesn’t matter whether I smile or not; People seem to think I’m plotting to harm them either way. This might be because I am extremely tall, athletic, serious, and walk with purpose. I’ve been told that I look like a predator.

  8. Despite this, I am a very laidback person. Short of physically attacking someone I know, there is no way you will rile me up. Being around people for extended periods of time, however, has a special way of making me irritated.

  9. I am a logic-centered person that cannot stand to be around those that make their lives needlessly complicated over their self-imposed emotional rollercoasters, ghastly choices, or downright blindness. Unfortunately, most people in this state and just about everyone in my family fall under this category. Not to say I don’t love them; I just don’t want to be around their mess most of the time. :’D

  10. Many consider me to be a real life Mary Sue. Aside from having no character altering OOC powers (the trait that makes a real Mary Sue as opposed to just slapping the label on anything halfway perfect), I am probably as close to one as you’ll find.


TyraDragoness’s Questions


  • Has someone ever pulled a prank on you?  Or you on them?  If so, what happened?

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage In real life? No one would dare to do so to me, and I’d rather put my time to better use elsewhere. On the internet? I have a reputation for hosting elaborate schemes with a small group of friends~


  • What is your favorite holiday?  c:

Bramble Cheer by IridescentMirage Christmas. It’s the one time of year the majority of my family gets together and hangs out. Plus, I like to squeeze under the Christmas tree, or at least sit near it. The lights are nice.


  • If you have a sona, what part of him/her represents you most?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage Not exactly a ‘sona, no, considering the entire design was made to represent myself. Think of it as a digital skin. Nevertheless, the most representative part of the design would be the eyes. My eyes take in and reflect the colors around me, though they mostly stick from blue to green to grey; The only part that stays the same is the gold ring. (I had a heck of a time deciding what I was supposed to fill them out as for my legal ID.)


  • Have a hobby?  Please share!

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage Drawing would be the most obvious answer. However, I also partake in activities such as reading, gaming, problem solving, imagining, and sarcasm. Yet when you think about it, sarcasm is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle.


  • Are you a dog or a cat person? Or neither? (If so, what kind of animal person are you?  Unless you're not really an animal person at all. xD)

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage In terms of which I would own, I am a cat person. Dogs are much too needy, and though many find their attention seeking endearing, I find it plain annoying. To be fair, I don’t appreciate that trait in people either.


  • Did you ever have a favorite toy/stuffed animal/doll when you were little?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage The one that sticks out to me most was a giant brown teddy bear that I used to sleep on top of when I was little. That’s about it.


  • Do you like amusement parks?  If so, what is your favorite ride/roller coaster you've ever ridden?

Bramble Cheer by IridescentMirage I do! Not for the usual reason, though; I’m not a big fan of the rides advertised. I just like to walk around and see the sights, watch the people, and generally hang out while everyone else does their thing. If I had to choose, it would be the ferry/bus/train rides between areas. Yeah, I like the rides to get to the main rides better than the main rides themselves.


  • Chocolate or vanilla?  Careful of this one, this may determine how I think of you from now on...  Pffff jk jk

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage Vanilla, obviously~ I don’t enjoy chocolate very much by itself, and can’t handle a whole lot of it anyway. It makes me gag in large amounts.


  • Would you rather be able to fly high in the sky or swim beneath the mysterious depths of the ocean?

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage Let me think… -glances back at my wings- … Not a clue.

  • Do you know...the muffin man?  :stare:

Bramble Menace by IridescentMirage Nobody knows the muffin man. Not even I know the muffin man… because I am the muffin man. :stare:


ntomallen’s Questions


  • Are you smarter than the average fifth grader?

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage I like to think I’m smarter than the average high schooler, but hey, what they’re teaching fifth graders nowadays in math are too advanced for even the average 20 year old mind to comprehend. So let me ask you: Is the average fifth grader as smart as the average fifth grader?

  • Where do you work, if at all?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage Nowhere at the moment. However, I do take commissions on occasion. I count that as a line of work, alongside being a student. Any of the usual jobs people take… I couldn’t do such a monotonous line of work, even for a little while. I need to be doing something evolving and intensive, away from people. That doesn’t leave any low lying options open, really. I need my degree to be able to do anything.

  • Favorite food?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage If I had to choose only one, that would be sushi. It is very diverse, even if I only have three different dishes. Buy hey, I know what I like.

  • Favorite Apple device? :stare:

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage I don’t own any Apply devices, and my interaction with them is limited. Therefore my opinion is invalid.

  • Favorite bit of history that is most irrelevant to anything and everything?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage When I was little, some lady rammed me with the corner of her cart in a store. Not sure how that happened. I was holding my mom’s hand and it’s not like I was that tiny. I was tall enough that it got me right in the center of the forehead. I have a big scar there, but it’s not that noticeable unless you look.

  • Favorite DAer?

Bramble Sweatdrop by IridescentMirage Though I may be able to single out a favorite food, there is no way I would be able to single out a favorite deviant. Not because I’d be stepping on anyone’s toes (sorry, guys, I’m blunt to the point of being hurtful |D), but because it is downright impossible. Art ability, writing ability, social ability, shared interests, creativity, humor; There are too many factors in play to be able to determine such a thing.

  • Celebrity crush? If you don't have one, most attractive celebrity you can think of.

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage -laughs- Do you know me? Not well enough, I suppose. If you did, you’d know that the idea of me thinking someone attractive is well out of my reach, let alone having a celebrity crush.

  • The amount of money in your wallet/purse currently?

Bramble Cheer by IridescentMirage Enough that I’d seriously hurt the person who tried to take off with it. I’d do that for any amount of cash, though, just to teach the thief a lesson. I don’t even mind the lawsuits that may spawn from it.

  • Where can I find said wallet/purse?

Bramble Neutral by IridescentMirage Where I stash it, obviously.

  • When can I be alone with said wallet/purse?

Bramble Skeptical by IridescentMirage Hey, whenever you want. Just give me a heads-up whenever you plan to drop by so I can have my knives honed before then. Getting cut by a dull knife hurts much more than a sharp one. Trust me, I’ll be doing you a favor.


The Chosen Ones

Dun dun dunnnnnn

:iconnovatrinity: :iconxxtakaalivexx: :iconally-chan: :iconxfoxlanx: :icontacosand1d:

:iconsnakemouth: :iconcurlyhorsefreak: :iconchazzyjlt: :iconcarrot-cat17: :iconskywardmeganium:


My Questions to You


  1. Which fairy tale character do you most identify yourself with? Why?

  2. Got a favorite group on deviantART? What do you like about it?

  3. How about a song that you just can’t stop listening to?

  4. A favorite TV show that you've been watching lately?

  5. What was your first Pokémon ever? A starter, a Pokémon your sibling gave you, what? (If you’ve had none… how are we even friends. :stare:)

  6. Which Pokémon region do you consider yourself to be from?

  7. How would you react if some person you had never seen before began shouting random memes at you in public?

  8. Would you rather live in a cave on a rocky mountainside, a treehouse high in a lush forest canopy, or a hut on a tiny tropical island off the mainland?

  9. Your biggest Mary Sue trait, if any? (Come on, there's a little Mary Sue in all of us.)

  10. Do you want to join my camp where you can learn problem solving and martial arts and how to fight with sharp objects? eue


:iconalunewolfyfemcanada: :icondemonzeez: :icontacosand1d: :iconthelilcreep: :icondatawesomebish: :iconseal-infinity-moon: :iconally-chan777: :iconflash753: :iconnovatrinity: :iconxxtakaalivexx: :iconshinaruka: :iconlakotafrench: :iconwolfvids: :iconkiwi-heart: :icontyradragoness: :iconcurlyhorsefreak: :iconsteamer1000: :iconchazzyjlt: :iconmischiefraven: :iconlttleghost: :iconsnakemouth: :iconlostshad3: :iconfufaq: :icons-u-n-n-y-j: :iconkagome-94: :icondespairiana: :iconsquattymcsamuel: :iconsilentlynx17: :iconlemoncoughdrop: :iconkazetatsu: :iconboots-n-spurs: :iconburntfur: :icontoramelle: :iconmistglaze: :iconmamena-hu: :iconcarrot-cat17: :icontabbytwist:

I was considering opening commissions again at the start of August, if only for a week. Who’s excited? 

6 deviants said Bramble, noooo :iconwhywouldffffplz:
3 deviants said Of course~ I was wondering when you’d finally get around to doing so. :iconheplz:
2 deviants said I am, I am! I’ve been waiting to commission you! :iconexcitedlaplz:


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